Leveraging the power of the cloud is fantastic way for the small business to reduce IT costs and improve their staff productivity. At the same time it can increase customer satisfaction allowing collaboration between them and your teams.

The journey to the cloud isn’t a decision that a small business will take lightly, the process of moving has to be thought out to avoid any unnecessary downtime to the business and more importantly their customers.

Is it for me?

This is a question that we hear a lot from small business, there are times when the cloud isn’t the right option for the business.  Of course there are also times when the cloud could bring massive benefits. So how do you know if it’s right for you? You can spend time reading information online, and there is a huge amount, and it can become overwhelming.  We offer a free consultation where we visit your site, sit down with you, and discuss if the cloud is right for you and your business. If you’d like to take advantage of this FREE consultation please get in touch.


Moving your servers and applications to the cloud can bring it’s own challenges. Installation of internet connectivity, VPNs, networks, storage, virtual machines, Azure, IaaS and disaster recovery are just some of the elements of cloud computing. Corinium Technology are here to help to translate all these words into English. We can help with the design on your infrastructure within the cloud and migrate systems. At the end of the project you’ll be assured of a system that has been implemented inline with best practices to ensure many years of service.  If you’d like us to support your new infrastructure our easy IT support packages are available, more information here.


Here at Corinium Technology we have the knowledge and the skills to help your business move to the cloud. Ensuring that the migration process is thought out and designed properly will ensure that the migration is successful with manual impact. We employee the best in class migration tools to transfer your data and services. We’ll work with your suppliers to ensure that the burden of the migration isn’t resting on your shoulders.

Support and adoption

You may have already moved to the cloud but now are at a loss of what to do next. The cloud brings many technologies that were normally out of reach of the small business to the forefront. Products that have the potential to reduce staff work overheads and improve communications throughout the business. Understanding what these products can do, how they are accessed and best to take advantage of them is where we come in.

We offer very simple IT support packages where you only pay for what you use, you’ll always have someone close at hand to help in that time of need.

Project assistance

Some business have a short term requirement for a technical resource and don’t want to go to the expense of employment agencies. We can offer bespoke packages to help an existing project finish on time or get involved with the project from conception. Contact us with your requirements.

For more information check out our services HERE.