Windows 10 hit the world in July 2015 and already it is on over 300 million devices across the world.  The benefits of this new operating system are more than skin deep.  Under the bonnet the operating system has been given a full overhaul to help make it more secure and manageable than ever before.

Corinium Technology has been part of the Microsoft Preview channel since the announcement of the Windows 10 back in 2014.  We have a number of customers already on the platform who are reaping the benefits that Windows 10 brings them.  Compared to Windows 8.x the user experience is very similar to Windows 7 which has meant much quicker user adoption due to the interface being a lot closer to what they are used to.  Microsoft has worked hard to ensure that legacy applications are compatible with Windows 10, all designed to make upgrade that much simpler.

What does Windows 10 mean to you

Windows 10 is not just a new user interface, under the bonnet the operating system has been redesigned to improve performance, compatibility and most importantly security.  Microsoft’s “Cloud First” approach is very apparent in Windows 10, there is full integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure technologies.  This enables the small business owner apply controls to a PC from their cloud implementations.  Providing single sign on functionality to all Office 365 apps making the user experience more enjoyable.  If you’re not ready for cloud then Windows 10 still offers the same functionality as previous version allowing you to upgrade to Windows 10 now and if in the future your business moves to the cloud you have the perfect platform.


With every incarnation of Windows the installation process gets easier, Windows 10 is no exception.  Small business owners can now deploy Windows 10 PCs quickly and consistently.  Ensuring that all their users get the same experience and more importantly support is easier as the majority of the installation variables have been removed.

Upgrading from a previous version of Windows requires some planning to ensure that all legacy applications and hardware within the office will still work.  Although in the majority of cases the new operating system will work with older technology testing will take the “assumption” out the equation.  Corinium Technology have the tools and knowledge to help through the full upgrade process for your business.  We can work with your business to ensure that upgrades of PCs are performed outside of core business hours and on a schedule that works with you.


The management of Windows PCs gets easier with Windows 10.  The traditional Active Directory Group Polices are  fully supported and recommended if you have Active Directory in your environment.  However with the cloud integration you can now manage devices from Office 365, no additional software required, to perform basic PC management as it’s all baked in to the operating system.  Further management of Windows 10 devices from the cloud can be achieved by purchasing Microsoft Intune which is a full mobile device management solution that fully integrates into Office 365.

Whatever your requirements we are confident that we can help you through the process.