A lot of small business have IT equipment that is hosted within their offices. These include servers, desktops, network equipment etc. Here at Corinium Technology we offer a number of services to help the small business maintain and manage their investment in local IT hardware/software.

PCs, Laptops and Hardware


Here are Corinium Technology Ltd we can supply most IT hardware to the small businesses, for example:

  • Branded Desktops/Laptops/Tablets
  • Monitors
  • Internal Drives (HDD/SSD)
  • System Memory
  • GPUs
  • Network switches, routers, firewalls, wireless access points
  • USB Devices (External drives, network adapters, display adapters)

Working closely with our distribution partners we can ensure our prices are competitive, we also provide support on everything we sell so you if you do run into problems you just need to give us a call and we’ll handle it.


The Windows PC is the staple of most small businesses, and they are often the most forgotten, until they go wrong that is.  The advancements in technology has meant that desktop PCs are more reliable than ever these days. However there are times when these PCs do come to end of life, this might be caused by component failure or just that it doesn’t have enough power to run the latest business application.

We help with the purchase process of replacement PCs or upgrading your existing hardware to improve it’s performance and reliability.  Using our network of distributors we can provide you many options, ensuring that you get the right hardware for the job and at the best possible price.


Installation of PCs can be a time consuming process. Let us help take that burden away from you. Using Microsoft technologies to ensure that new PCs are built to the right specification with the right business applications. PCs can be built on or off site to be delivered to the business at a time convenient to you.  All installations are backed up by full documentation.


To compliment the services above we can also offer support packages to cover this equipment. Either working with you, your IT staff or another 3rd party supplier.  The packages are tailored to a customer to ensure that they support their needs.


Upgrade and Supply

Servers with the small business have a vital role in ensuring that the business functions with little downtime. When the time comes to upgrade an existing server the choice offered by vendors can be overwhelming. There are so many new technologies available, some are excellent at providing a better and more reliable platform for your business.  Some features offered by vendors offer little benefit and can be expensive purchases, knowing what is right for your business is our business.

We at Corinium Technology can help you purchase the right solution for your business or help upgrade your existing hardware. We work closely with Dell and other distributors enabling us to provide the customer with options and custom solutions to meet their requirements.


Along with purchasing advice we can provide the expertise to install the equipment into your office/data centre. We are happy to help with configuration of the operation systems and any additional peripherals that may be required.  Installation work can be performed out of office hours to ensure that core business activities are not affected.  At the end of the installation you’ll be presented with full documentation on the installation and build of the hardware/software.


To compliment the services above we can also offer general support packages to cover this equipment. Either working with your other 3rd party suppliers or directly with your IT staff. Packages are tailored to each customer to ensure that they support their needs and they are not paying for services they don’t require.

IT Infrastructure Services

Key to good IT is proper design and implementation. With over 20 years of designing and building robust and manageable IT infrastructure to fully support the business we have developed a large portfolio of services.

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Server Management
  • LAN/WAN Design, Implementation, Support
  • VPNs
  • Software Management
  • Windows Patching
  • Client Management
  • Windows System Design
  • Support

We can also provide a bespoke service to match your business requirements, from initial planning to full lifecycle management of a system implementation or migration.


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