Every type of backup covered

Full Image Backups

Perform complete backups of your physical servers

Virtual Backups

Protect your Hyper-V hosts and guests with our advanced backup tools

File Backups

Backup selected files, folders, or drives. Swift and reliable

File Archiving

Compress, encrypt and archive your old data to place in cold storage.

Cloud Backups

Send files, folders, and drives to public or private cloud.

Bootable Backups

Combine your boot disk and backups onto a single USB HDD.

VSS App Support

Backup live-running apps such as SQL, Hyper-V, Exchange and Sharepoint.

SQL Continuous

Never lose more than a few minutes of SQL data.

Product Features

Set-and-Forget Backups

Use useful backup schedules and reports, or make your own to keep tabs on your backups.

Flexible Backup Scheduling:
Set up any combination or number of automated daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly backups – make the scheme that fits your needs. You can get as specific as you want, exact days and dates, number and frequency of rotating media, and more.

Advanced Reporting:
Receive brief or in-depth reports on the success or failure of your backups, or create a custom report with as much detail as you need.

Recipient Lists:
Create a recipient list to keep any relevant team members in the loop. You can even create different lists to send different reports on the same job. e.g. A simple report for members on one list, and in-depth report for members on the other.

Remote Backup Scheduling:
With Multisite Manager product, you can remotely schedule backup jobs for different sites – all from a single, secure web interface.

Vast System Support

Hardware agnostic backups with full CSS and CSV support. Never worry about software and hardware support again.

Hardware Agnostic:
Backup servers or end-points, then restore your data to the same or dissimilar hardware.

VSS-Aware and CSV:
Supports Volume Shadow-Copy Service, Microsoft Replica, and Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV).

Extensive Microsoft Support:
BackupAssist supports all modern Microsoft Operating Systems, including every Windows Server from 2008 onward.

Pick Any Destination

BackupAssist supports all modern backup media as well as cloud. Just pick the destination that suits your needs.

  • NAS
  • Azure Cloud
  • RDX
  • Local Disk
  • SAN
  • AWS S3 Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • iSCSI
  • Tape

Incremental & Differential

The first time you perform a full backup of your server or end-point, our software takes a full snapshot of your data and stores it for future reference.

The next time you perform a backup, it compares that snapshot against the data on your machine, and only backs up what has changed. This minimizes the time, space and processing power needed for your future backups.

When you only backup data that has changed since your last full backup, this is a differential backup. An incremental backup does almost exactly the same thing, but from your most recent backup, whether it’s a full image backup or not.

BackupAssist Main Products

BackupAssist for Windows

£ 155.00 +vat

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Software for Windows Servers
  • Protects both Hyper-V & Physical Servers
  • 3 months upgrade cover

BackupAssist for Windows

£ 216.00 +vat

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Software for Windows Servers
  • Protects both Hyper-V & Physical Servers
  • 1 year upgrade cover
  • CryptoSafeGuard
  • Free support

BackupAssist for Windows

£ 251.00 +vat

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery Software for Windows Servers
  • Protects both Hyper-V & Physical Servers
  • 2 years upgrade cover
  • CryptoSafeGuard
  • Free support

Available Software for BackupAssist

Cloud Backup (Add-on)

£ 105.00 +vat

  • Backup critical files, folders and applications to public cloud providers such as Azure or AWS, or to a private cloud server with Rsync.

Hyper-V Advanced (Add-on)

£ 139.00 +vat

  • Backup your Hyper-V Host and restore files from any Guest VM

Exchange Granular (Add-on)

£ 115.00 +vat

  • Granular Restore of your database for Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 (includes Exchange Mailbox Add-on)

SQL Continuous (Add-on)

£ 75.00 +vat

  • Daily or near-continuous SQL database backup and restore

Tape Archiving (Add-on)

£ 75.00 +vat

  • Back up to standalone tape drives

Standalone Cloud Backup

£ 120.00 +vat

  • Cloud based backup includes 12 months BackupCare