Collaboration at its best. SharePoint is empowering businesses around the world. On-Premise, Cloud or hybrid? SharePoint has the power to transform your business and the way your staff collaborates with other staff and customers in the UK and all over the world.  Corinium Technology has almost 10 years experience in SharePoint from 2003 Portal Server through to SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online.


The most important part of a SharePoint deployment is the design and installation.  Many people consider SharePoint to be a file store, this isn’t correct as SharePoint is designed to be the centre of your company Intranet and beyond.  Collaboration is the keyword, allowing users to work more efficiently will increase productivity.  A poorly implemented SharePoint infrastructure can reduce the user adoption which in turn makes the system less effective.  We have many years experience building SharePoint environments to support small and medium businesses, ensuring that the system has the right capacity to support the current business and can be scaled out as it grows.

On-Premise or Azure IaaS

Modern cloud technology such as Microsoft Azure IaaS brings a new aspect to the SharePoint environment.  On-premise systems need physical servers, networking and backup services to fully support SharePoint.  This can all be built on Azure IaaS with all the services in the cloud so you don’t need to invest in physical technology on site.  Better budgeting, no large hardware investments and you only pay for the services you consume.  When the business grows and there is a requirement to add more capacity to SharePoint it can be achieved quickly and cost effectively.


Upgrading SharePoint can be a challenging task and needs to be planned and tested thoroughly to ensure that the business isn’t affected by the upgrade process.  Having experience of migrating SharePoint 2003 through to SharePoint 2013 we understand issues and pitfalls of SharePoint upgrade which allows us to ensure that upgrades are always successful and have minimal impact on the business.


One challenge faced by IT is migrating the SharePoint environment to a new active directory domain or migrating the data to a new farm after a business merger. As with all tasks in SharePoint the planning is the key to success, let us work with you to ensure your migration project is a success.


Moving to the cloud, the future of SharePoint is in the cloud.  For the small business the cloud, SharePoint Online, is a much more cost effective solution to having a full installation of SharePoint.  SharePoint Online can be purchased as a standalone product or the much better value option is part of an Office 365 subscription.  SharePoint 2013 allows hybrid connectivity with Office 365 (SharePoint Online) so that the two systems appear as one.  With SharePoint 2016 this integration is a lot tighter and offers a lot more to the business that wants to use hybrid SharePoint.

Administration and User Adoption

Workflows, InfoPath, templates and SharePoint Designer are just an example of some of the tools and utilities that allow your company to adopt SharePoint to improve business process and the flow of data.  If you need advice or require a bespoke workflow or forms created please get in touch.